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The Innovation Genome or the iGenome is a strategic blueprint developed from over 25 years of academic research that identifies and solves particular innovative challenges. By identifying and analyzing four different types of innovation, the iGenome helps you understand how you can use the tension between these competing forces—like the simultaneous pursuit of standardization and customization—to create positive movement. The iGenome is a practical way to help organizations develop, implement, and sustain change and innovation.

Every individual has some qualities of each quadrant, but some are stronger than others. The key insight here is to understand how each of these kinds of innovative approaches can work together to form an organic view of change. By attending to the ways that these profiles interact, you can build an organizational culture that benefits from the advantages of all these approaches without inheriting their downsides. The result is an organization that is perpetually growing and adapting to the challenges that come its way. Take the assessment to find out what your dominant innovation type is.

Three options:

  1. Innovation Genome Assessment (offered in 6 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish)
  2. Healthcare Assessment
  3. Nonprofit Assessment


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