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Introduction to Innovation Genome Workshop Kit


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The Innovation Genome™ is typically used to synchronize the vast horizontal functions of complex organizations across boundaries of all types: regions, functions, and disciplines to name a few. This is essential because innovation is basically a horizontal value proposition – it happens everywhere, everyday, with everyone. So this approach is far more than a simple typing indicator – “I’m an ENTP and you’re an ISFJ.” It’s more akin to investment strategies where your type matters less than the conditions that the market is now favoring – bull market traders don’t fare well in bear markets. It’s the situation in which value is created or destroyed that largely determines the success or failure of an innovation strategy and its associated practices. The Innovation Genome™ is used to diagnose corporate culture and competency as well as predict the potential shareholder value derived from purposeful changes to them. This kit includes materials for 10 participants.

  1. Online Innovation Assessment
  2. Materials: Innovation Genome Assessment Overview, Innovation Genome Digest
  3. 2 Decks of Cards with Instructions
  4. Videos: How to Facilitate the Innovation Genome Card Game, Full Video of Jeff Facilitating the Innovation Genome Card Game, CPI Lesson 1: Practice Prismatic Thinking, CPI Lesson 2: How to Think About Growth
  5. PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction to the Innovation Genome
  6. E-book Downloads: MacGyver Mind McDonald’s Mind, Doing the Creative Work the Company Can’t

Please specify which type of the card game you would like when you place your order.  If nothing is specified, you will receive the Innovation Genome Card Game for Organizations.


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