Important Concepts


Innovation Genome Important Concepts Photo

Innovation Genome

iGenome is a map that shows you where you are and where you want to go.
Constructive Conflict Important Concept Photo

Constructive Conflicts

Create a safe environment where people can exchange differing ideas without reservations.
3 Levels of Innovation Genome Important Concept Photo

3 Levels of Innovation Genome

To find your opportunity to innovate, you need to look beyond yourself to your community and the world.
Creative Destruction Important Concepts Photo

Creative Destruction

Organizations must create space to reinvent themselves so they can become new again.
20/80 Important Concept Photo

20/80 Rule

It's crucial to find the fertile soil for your innovation: a place in crisis or on a roll.
Creativize Process Important Concepts Photo

Creativize Process

Innovation works in a cycle, not a straight line. It is about iterating and prototyping.
Time Based Important Concepts Photo

Innovation Is Time-Based

The window of opportunity for innovation is very narrow. Don't hesitate to get started.
Mistakes and Corrections Important Concepts Photo

Mistakes and Corrections

You can't lead innovation by using the same everyday practices. Learn the common mistakes and how to correct them.