3 Levels of Innovation Genome


It is important to not just reflect on how you innovate, but how your team and your organization do too. The Innovation Genome functions through three different levels, like Russian Nesting Dolls. You are the smallest doll. You—the individual or the personal doll—are contained within the medium sized doll: the organizational or the communal doll. This level is your co-workers and the other parts of your organization—the circle of people who create culture and competency. This represents the current practices of your organization and how or what your organization is doing now. The communal doll is contained within the largest of the dolls, the universal doll, or the strategic doll. This level contains everyone. The universal doll represents the purposes or outcomes of your organization—what it wants to be in the future. It is crucial to remain aware of the personal, communal, and universal realms simultaneously: look up, look down, look around.


3 Levels of Innovation Genome Diagram


Innovation Genome Table