Building Culture and Competency


We live in a moment when innovation isn’t a choice—it’s an imperative. In 2012, IBM conducted a study of over 1,700 CEOs around the world, and found that the biggest quality executives are looking for is creativity. And yet leaders themselves continue to struggle with developing the right tools for promoting innovation in their organizations. That’s because innovation requires an entire overhaul of the underlying culture of an organization. It’s not so much thinking outside of the box as it is redefining what that box is. How do you create the culture and competencies that will promote innovation and long-term growth?

Innovation can be taught. Everyone can learn it. But everyone does not innovate in the same way. And that’s fine. We simply believe that all organizations can indeed become innovative in many different ways. Many innovators are already working inside those organizations. We need to find them and nurture them to become highly practiced innovation leaders. Innovation is the awakening of the promise that’s always been inside. That’s how we designed our programs, modules, and solutions. In this way, change will come within you. You will become the driving force behind your own sustainable growth and resilient capability.

That’s precisely what the Certified Professional Innovator Program will help you do. We will introduce you to the concrete practices necessary to stimulate and manage innovation in your organization. We will give you step-by-step, easy-to-follow frameworks and methods for designing, developing, and implementing innovation in real situations. The aim of the program is to give you the perspective and skills crucial to launching long-term innovative initiatives and to building a culture conducive to perpetual growth.

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The Innovatrium works with large, complex organizations to develop the organizational culture and competency needed to manage and lead innovation. We are a unique innovation development center located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that combines a community of world-class thought leaders and practitioners, a collection of integrated methodologies for developing new business practices, a proving grounds for innovation projects, and an idea lab dedicated to the development of highly practiced leaders who can make innovation happen in their workplace. Think of it as Juilliard for innovators.

The Innovatrium’s programs are based on the principle of See One, Do One, Teach One (SODOTO), where action learning and mentoring take center stage, much like the training of physicians. In order to become a real innovator, you must run innovation projects and learn from a Master Innovator. By training these highly practiced innovators who can collaborate with each other, share best practices, change organizational processes, and train the next generation of innovators while developing radical innovation products and services, we are creating an organic innovation engine inside the organization that can produce sustainable growth. Innovatrium Photo