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Jumpstarting Innovation Workshop Kit



A Jumpstart workshop ideally takes 2 full days. If you only have one day, you will need to identify the most important elements that you want to spend time in and focus on those elements (do you want to spend more time in identifying opportunities and generating ideas or in creating hybrid solutions and developing action plans to run your experiments). Make sure you get the participants going efficiently. This kit includes materials for 10 participants.

  1. Online Innovation Assessment
  2. Materials: Jumpstarting Innovation Facilitators Guide, Jumpstarting Innovation Worksheets, Innovation Genome Brochure, Innovation Genome Digest, Strengths and Weaknesses, Solution Starters, Creativize/Jumpstart Process
  3. PowerPoint Presentation: Jumpstarting Innovation
  4. Videos: CPI Lesson 4: Set High Quality Targets, CPI Lesson 5: Enlist Deep and Diverse Domain Expertise, CPI Lesson 6: Take Multiple Shots on Goal, CPI Lesson 7: Learn from Experience and Experiments, CPI Lesson 14: Case Study: Making Stone Soup
  5. E-book Downloads: The Greatest Innovations are the Ones You Don’t See, Is Innovation Cheating?


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