Creativize Process


Creativize Process Diagram

The first step in the Creativize Process is to Set High-Quality Targets. This involves doing the following things:

  • Watch the Weather: Pay attention to the external factors in the world that will inevitably hinder or enhance the probability of the success of your ideas. When you first set your growth targets, you need to account for the things that are happening around those targets—the opportunities that are driving your target, the factors that directly and indirectly affect your target. You need to be hyper-aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Choose the Best Target: The best targets are simple but powerful. They are specific and have an end date. They are feasible. And most importantly, they have that “wow” factor.
  • Ride What Moves: Once you have your high-quality target, ride what moves, like a surfer. Look for the forces that can carry your initiative forward. Make adjustments as you go along and gain new information. Change your mind. Be flexible. Plan on making these changes.

The second step in the Creativize Process is to Enlist Deep and Diverse Domain Expertise. You need to assemble the group of people who will work with you to make growth happen, the experts in relevant areas where you alone can’t deliver. This means embracing people you may have nothing in common with: people who see the world differently than you do. It’s important to have a diverse group of experts because it is the constructive conflicts between them that will yield an innovative solution to your challenge or target.

The third step in the Creativize Process is Take Multiple Shots on Goal. It’s a seemingly simple concept that many people don’t get: try a lot of things a little bit. There are too many people who make a big plan and put everything into following that plan only to find that it doesn’t work out that way. Taking multiple shots on goal accelerates the failure cycle. Failure is inevitable. The point is to fail in the early stages of innovation, when the stakes are low, and to learn from those initial failures.

The fourth step in the Creativize Process is Learn from Experience and Experiments. In order to make adjustments and get smarter from your multiple shots on goal, you need to deconstruct what worked and what didn’t work and then reconstruct these initiatives so that they’re successful in the next cycle. It’s not about sticking to your guns. It’s about adapting to what’s going on around you.