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Innovation Index Analytics

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The Innovation Genome (iGenome), developed by Dr. Jeff DeGraff, Professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business who is often considered the Dean of Innovation, is a proprietary system that measures a company’s Innovation DNA – a firm’s ability to not just create new products and  ideas, but more importantly, the ability to deliver meaningful shareholder value through execution of those innovative ideas in the market place.

When the iGenome algorithm is applied to publicly traded companies to measure their innovation scores, the results are both Contemporaneous (giving us a good benchmark on where each company ranks in both their sector and the market) and Predictive (giving us an idea about where their stock price is headed in the near future). The iGenome algorithm measures value created today, but more importantly, gives us a predictive view about how value will materialize in the future.

This opportunity includes:

  1. Assess the organizational innovation capabilities through financial data
  2. Receive specific recommendations in changes in innovation practices and leadership behavior
  3. Quantify the increase in market cap that can be gained through those changes in practices and behavior
  4. Compare the organization with competitors and industry best in several key innovation indicators
  5. Develop organization specific custom innovation dashboard and financial metrics

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