John DeGraff Profile

John DeGraff

Adjunct Marketing Professor, University of Wisconsin Whitewater

John DeGraff is an Adjunct Marketing Professor at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and Managing Partner for the Innovatrium consulting firm. Over the last seven years, John has worked with 20 of the Fortune 500 teaching Leading Innovation and Growth workshops at the Innovatrium and with the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business Executive Education. He has led innovation and growth programs with notable companies like GE, Eaton, Hagerty Insurance, McDonald’s, NBC, Pfizer, and Prudential. John’s early career was defined by his role as a young leader who realized that innovation was the surest pathway to growth. Over the past 25 years he has successfully launched over 150 new products, including two product lines that have earned over 1 billion dollars (Gerber Graduates and first multipack microwave popcorn in Wal-Mart Pop Weaver).